Follow These Tips When Driving in the Rain

Here at Country Toyota, our team shares a goal to help our customers in Pampa, TX stay safe when they're driving. Now that summer is upon us, the rain can cause unsafe driving conditions, but you can follow these tips to stay safe when driving on wet roads.

Keep an eye on your taillights, headlights, brake lights, and turn signals to ensure they are working properly. During the rain, it is vital that you keep yourself visible to other drivers, so always make sure everything is in check.

When the rain starts, slow down! Driving fast on wet roads can be extremely dangerous and lead to hydroplaning. New tires can lose contact with the road when a vehicle's moving as slow as 35 mph. You should also refrain from using cruise control during the rain because it can cause you to lose control. In addition, avoid turning sharply or braking hard when the roads are wet.

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